Lake Brantley Lake Management Association, Inc.

Minutes of the LBLMA Board Meeting - June 21, 2007

President Fred Streetman called this meeting of the LBLMA Board to order at 7:11 PM.

Fred introduced Mike Marchman who is an original Board member, but whose wife substituted for him at the first Board meeting in October. Lou Pesce was introduced as a proxy for Janine McComas and Tim Pullar for David Reed. Fred welcomed our newest Board Member, Mel Hamilton representing Brantley Club. Also present on the Board were Fred Streetman, Bob Skinner, Chuck Hiley, Wayne Chilton, and Sean Bloodsworth.

Fred recognized Dean Barber former Regional Biologist of the Florida Department of Environmental Protection and currently a consultant to Seminole County; Gloria Eby, Senior Environmental Specialist for the Seminole County Public Works Department's Road Operations/Stormwater Division; and consultant, Lowell Trent owner of Amur Aquatics.

Secretary Chuck Hiley, read the minutes of the October 26, 2006 Board meeting after distributing a copy to the Board members. There were no corrections or additions to the minutes and they were unanimously approved as read.

Treasurer Wayne Chilton presented the Treasure's Report after distributing copies of the report to the Board. This covered the period from 9/30/2006 to May 31, 2007. Wayne explained the fact that the report consolidated several accounts that had been used during the transition to our current corporation status. The Treasurer's report was accepted unanimously.

Fred reiterated that we are now incorporated as a non profit with the State of Florida and in February applied for a 501(c)(3) designation. He said the IRS is several months behind on dealing with such applications. We now have Directors and Officers liability insurance coverage for officers and directors. He called attention to the fact that signs indicating introduction of Grass Carp into Lake Brantley are placed at every boat ramp accessing the lake.

A discussion ensued regarding the loss of Grass Carp from predation due mostly to otters and mostly in canals.

It was stated that 5 exclusion barriers remain in Lake Brantley and will continue to be monitored to gauge the impact of the Grass Carp. There were comments regarding the need for a previously discussed web page. Chuck and Fred will be conferring regarding its design and development with the goal of having it up and running shortly. Fred commented that a name like, "" would be appropriate and easy to remember.

There was a discussion of Lowell Trent's May 17, 2007, report of his visual survey of Lake Brantley. At this time there are 1,850 Carp remaining on our permit. Lowell's report recommended adding 1,000 to 1,800 as soon as possible. There were questions about putting fish in now in the summer heat. Lowell stated that the water was now in the low 80 degrees, which is acceptable, but that by September the temperature would be too high.

Questions were raised as to what number of fish would be appropriate. The consensus was that the goal is to be aggressive without excessive removal of native plants. Wayne Chilton moved and it was seconded to stock the lake with 1,000 fish of 8-10 inches in length as soon as possible and put in the remainder later in the fall. Following some discussion, Mel Hamilton moved and it was seconded to amend the motion to state that 1,500 fish would be stocked as soon as possible and to leave 350 remaining on the permit. Bob Skinner called the question. All voted in favor of ending discussion. The amendment passed unanimously and the main motion as amended passed unanimously. Fred said that Bob Skinner would arrange to have the Carp put in at the Jennifer Estates boat ramp.

Lowell was asked to get the permit amended to add 5000 fish.

Julie Cochran inquired from the audience as to whether there was a "Plan B" in case the Grass Carp did not reduce the hydrilla. The response was that although combining the use of chemicals was always an option there was a high level of confidence by Lowell and others that the Grass Carp would ultimately control the hydrilla in Lake Brantley.

Gloria Eby complimented the organization on its professionalism and recommended some programs for future meetings. She announced the Annual Snail Day to be held August 11 to remove Channeled Apple Snails and their eggs from Lake Brantley. She answered question about the detrimental impact of Channeled Apple Snails.

There were questions about individuals using chemicals in the lake adjacent to their property. Dean Barber explained that although permits were not required in the canals of less than 10 acres, permits are required to spray in Lake Brantley. He advised individuals to contact Amy Giannatti, Regional Biologist at the Florida Department of Natural Resources.

Gloria Eby and Dean Barber referred us to individuals involved with Myrtle Lake to learn about their experience in obtaining a 501(C)(3) designation.

There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 8:30 PM.

Respectfully submitted,

Chuck Hiley, Secretary

October 26, 2006 Meeting

The first Board meeting for the new Lake Brantley lake-wide association was held on October 26, 2006. There were approximately a dozen attending the meeting in addition to the Board members.

Fred Streetman, acting as temporary moderator, called this meeting to order, at 7:00 P.M. October 26, 2006. Fred welcomed everyone, and asked each Board member to introduce himself or herself. Present were:

Bloodsworth, Sean – Isles of Shadowbay

Brady, Lou – Brantley Cove North

Chilton, Wayne – Sweetwater Oaks

Hiley, Chuck – Civic Association of West Lake Brantley

Larsson, George – Sweetwater Club

Marchman, Shirley – Brantley Cove (Proxy for Board Member Mike Marchman)

McComas, Janine – Hickory Hill

Reed, David – Brantley Harbour

Skinner, Bob – Jennifer Estates

Streetman, Fred – East Lake Brantley Shores Civic Association

Prouse, Joe – Brantley Club was absent

It was announced that as of the moment contributions to the Lake Brantley Lake Management fund totaled $42,875.00. Fred commented on the generosity and concern for our lake that had been demonstrated by those supporting the project. The Board and some in the audience felt that contributions should continue to be encouraged while the interest is keen to build a fund for future lake management needs.

Fred introduced Dean Barber, Regional Biologist for the Department of Environmental Protection. Fred presented Dean Barber's report from the initial meeting held September 28 in which he, Patrick McCord from the Fish and Wildlife Commission and Gloria Eby Senior Environmental Specialist from the County had recommended an integrated treatment using chemicals followed by introduction of grass carp.

Mr. Barber reiterated support of the alternative of introducing grass carp only initially provided we use a conservative number of carp and that there be careful and on-going monitoring of the lake. Mr. Barber also emphasized the importance of a lake-wide association to function as an ongoing organization to manage Lake Brantley and its associated manmade waterways. He also offered his support and that of Gloria Eby in launching and assisting in the lake monitoring program. Fred expressed the gratitude of all to Dean Barber for his tremendous help, advice and encouragement. Thanks were also extended to Gloria Eby of the County and Travis Connaway and Patrick McCord of the Fish and Game Commission.

Lowell Trent owner of Amur Aquatics, Inc. was introduced. Mr. Trent has recently retired after 31 years with the Fish and Wildlife Commission. Fred said that he believes there is no one who has more hands on experience with the use of grass carp for hydrilla control. Mr. Trent answered a number of questions regarding grass carp, including size recommendations, price, and availability.

Election of initial Officers was held. Nominations for the Officers were made individually and votes were cast by a show of hands. The Board elected the each of the following officers, by unanimous vote:

Fred Streetman – President (Nominated by Wayne Chilton)

Bob Skinner - Vice President (Nominated by Wayne Chilton)

Chuck Hiley – Secretary (Nominated by Janine)

Wayne Chilton - Treasurer (Nominated by Sean Bloodsworth and Shirley Marchman)

George Larsson moved and it was seconded that the initial treatment provided by the Association be grass carp of 10" to 12" at 7 fish per acre using an estimated waterbody acreage including Lake Brantley, Lake Rena and the canals of 335 acres and that the fish activity be monitored with reasonable frequency. Following discussion, the motion passed unanimously.

It was moved by Lou Brady and seconded that the name, Lake Brantley Lake Management Association, Inc. be registered with Florida as a non-profit corporation unless there is any legal reason not to do so. Following discussion, the motion passed unanimously.

Chuck Hiley led a discussion and answered questions regarding the setting up of a Web Site for the Association.

Wayne Chilton moved and it was seconded that the president be authorized to negotiate with Lowell Trent as to price and scope of services. Under discussion, it was stated that those wishing to employ herbicides in Lake Rena and/or the canals could do so on their own without Association involvement. The motion passed unanimously.

The need for attorney review and/or assistance was discussed. Madell Shea, who was present in the audience, indicated that she may be able to secure the help of an attorney at a minimal cost, if not pro bono.

Mr. Barber recommended that we form a committee to consider monitoring approaches. Exclusion barriers may be used and he recommended that the committee  include Mike Delahoz because of Mike’s experience in using such devices with deer.

There was discussion of the LBLM Association serving as a catalyst for education and motivation regarding other environmental challenges to Lake Brantley such as the invasion of Channeled Apple Snails and pollution from runoff.

David Reed moved and it was seconded that a monitoring program be put in place. Under discussion, it was stated that Fred would contact Mike Delahoz regarding construction of exclusion barriers. The motion passed unanimously.

There being no further business the meeting was adjourned at approximately 8:30 P.M.

Respectfully submitted,

Chuck Hiley, Secretary